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pat malone

I read Jonathan Franzen’s second book of essays last week and they are well worth the time, they’re erudite and thoughtful and engaging. I spent a lot of time reading the title essay, Farther Away, which is a meditation on … Continue reading

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we all walk the long road

So Kristina is gone, not unjustly but there’s some sadness there. And Ricky Ponting too. It is easier to like them both now they aren’t in charge of anything. Sometimes I have this moment, walking down the street, sitting on … Continue reading

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who has the biggest hack?

DrSternlove insists that I’ve not quite got it right on the Assange-WikiLeaks brouhaha. She argues, with customary vigour, that the real backdown on the part of the old school hacker elite (that would be the wunderkinds of the late eighties … Continue reading

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can’t love

Those records that I tended to overplay were usually the tapes I played repeatedly in my bedroom and on my walkman as a teenager. The most potent of these, the most wallowed in, was The Beatles Rubber Soul. I’m still … Continue reading

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