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stop making sense

Earlier this year, or perhaps late last year, a correspondent, one of my boon companions from my undergraduate years, asked me where Marx went wrong. It wasn’t that broad a question in the asking but over time and consideration it … Continue reading

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gamekeeper to poacher to gamekeeper

I took the Chooks away last weekend, down the coast a bit. We did next to nothing while away. There was lots of Dr. Who, Sea Devils & Warrior’s Gate; treaty chocolates; a few beach trips with water spitting competitions; … Continue reading

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not hungry anymore

It’s twenty years or thereabouts since I moved from the country to my Nanna’s fibro by the sea, ninety minutes by train from the city. I have been reflecting recently on how keen I was back then, how desperate to … Continue reading

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deep into the Weather

Some years ago there was a flurry of publishing and general product-making regarding the Weather Underground. I was at the purchasing end of this consumer explosion and it occurred to me as I read Gordon Carr’s book about The Angry … Continue reading

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finding the heavenly path, armed struggle on pause…

Still thinking about Nepal: the politics were I think only marginally more functional than actual armed struggle, the coalition government did not seem to have any basis for proceeding bar the agreement not to shoot at one another, at least … Continue reading

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masperization: misplaced forces of occupation

Occupations are a kind of denial. They occupy the space where the past used to be and prevent it from being again, at least momentarily. Occupations deprive the powers that be, or the perceived powers that be, of their zone … Continue reading

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A correspondent has suggested that in my post about Carlos the Jackal, Vanguardism is Vanity, I do not give sufficent weight to élan, both revolutionary and counter revolutionary.She suggests that the tools I disrespect, commitment and absolutism, are the key … Continue reading

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