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hands you a nickel, hands you a dime

I’ve never liked gut checks. I always believe I’ll fail, that I haven’t the heart to be the man anybody wants me to be. I expect that this is not unusual, that many people are a little raft on a … Continue reading

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True crime books are a kind of porn. They all involve getting a squiz at what goes on behind closed doors. The ethics of this are obviously problematic: a reader doesn’t need to be gifted to know there’s something a tad … Continue reading

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mariachi static on my radio

The coolest song I’ve heard recently is a fantastic version of Warren Zevon’s ‘Carmelita’. It’s by an L.A punk band called Fidlar. I’ve played it rather a lot while waiting for things to happen at work, in the interstices between … Continue reading

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the dog is dead

A friend of my mine gave me a book last week. With uncharacteristic enthusiasm she said that the story was all a metaphor for the search for socialism and justice as she pressed it into my hands. I thought it odd that … Continue reading

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what a nice little garden

There was quite a thing around here, for a few years, which involved putting frangipani decals on the rear windscreen of cars. It mystified me, still does, though I’ve read that this is a way for white, working class young … Continue reading

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Favourite Things V

This was a card I was given for a birthday many years ago. I’ve had it nearby ever since. Credit to Simon Drew.

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I had a particularly satisfying conversation in the car yesterday with Sputnik, after wandering up and down a local strip mall buying a new dishwasher, about Don Walker (to be known, forthwith, eponymously, as Don). She asked, quite reasonably, why … Continue reading

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