we all walk the long road

So Kristina is gone, not unjustly but there’s some sadness there. And Ricky Ponting too. It is easier to like them both now they aren’t in charge of anything.

Sometimes I have this moment, walking down the street, sitting on a step, watching the box, wherever and it is like: James Freud is dead. Fuck me. Paul Hester is dead.

And there’s nothing I can do with that. It’s just true. I am no longer able to claim actually being alive as being a big thing I have in common with them. It might be a very important thing, sometimes it seems the only important thing.

I heard a fair bit about a new “us” on election night, but that “us” didn’t include me, didn’t include the people I love, jesus it didn’t even include Kerry O’Brien. So we know what that is about. Shit, wasn’t Howard enough?

A new us for a new morning (changing weather). But James Freud and Paul Hester are still dead. I am not dead. The people around me are not dead. I shall stick with them.

It is shocking when you are loved, really makes you not want to be dead.


About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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