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the heist

It’s Sunday morning and the sky is clear. The football season is over and the cricket hasn’t started. I have no deeds to do and no promises to keep. I mooch around the house for a bit. I consider getting … Continue reading

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glad animal action

I’m sometimes asked why cricket caught my imagination so strongly when I was a kid. I usually answer that it was something to do with masculinity and those magnificent moustaches that early eighties Australian test players sported, especially fast bowlers. … Continue reading

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relictual joy

A couple of weeks ago I hinted at my long, and deep, affection for the Models (the new wavey, indie-ish, Sean Kelly-led pop group out of Melbourne in the early and mid eighties). For many the central charm of the … Continue reading

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ain’t gonna study war no more

For a long time the whole ‘music is the soundtrack to our lives’ schtick has bugged me. For me that makes music far too passive a thing, just an accessory, like a handbag or a jacket. That doesn’t work for … Continue reading

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