heaven knows

The day starts with Sex Machine. James Brown shouting his chorus to my sleeping children (Get up! get on up/Get up! get on up) and I feel Bootsy’s deep bass begin the snaking energy transfer from the cold airs to the warm bodies. I make their school lunches and pour one more cup of coffee. Drinking it I dress myself and prepare my kit bag. I checklist the schoolgoers and their necessities. Shoes. Hair. Teeth. Lunch. Afternoon rendezvous. Then kisses and wishes. Off they go, my own little F-Troop, leaving Fort Courage for the vast plains of the playground. Into the Subaru and I join the traffic queue heading south, anxiety a rising tide as I creep through the lights, ever closer to my workplace.

Arriving, I navigate my way from the parking station to the cubicle farm. Good mornings all around, taking my seat behind the partition I slide on my headphones. It’s Wilco (Take off your Band-Aid because I don’t believe in touchdowns) this morning.  Inbox checking: cull the unnecessary, delete the irrelevant and flag the unavoidable. I build my to-do list in my notebook, transferring unfinished tasks from yesterday’s  list to today’s. I answer the easy questions first, get some momentum going. Yeah, I got this, I think checking the time in the lower right hand corner of my monitor. Seven hours to go. Not too long, I can make it. Fingers crossed. I haven’t gone postal yet.

There’s a poster on the door. Today is R U OK day. No shit. From a previous life the Dixie Flatline speaks: what bothers me is nothing does. Switch on the word-smithing. Policy, procedure, guideline, briefing note, file note, clarification, obfuscation, thank you for your inquiry. The tools of the trade. The words come down like data in the Matrix: discovery; learning; transform; intensive; reputation; environments; disciplines; capabilities; global; network; centres; partners; connected; communities; vibrant; ambition; complex; inquiry; earning; collegial; empowered; diverse; inclusive; success; initiative; enterprise; appreciated; fearless; creative; challenge; passionate; collaborative; proud; exceptional; infrastructure; priorities; demographics; skills.

Time passes. Lunch. More coffee I reckon. The students are gathered on the lawn around a stage. There’s a youthful moppet sitting on a kitchen chair with an Ovation guitar. I stand in the sunshine, smoking. I catch a lyric wafting through the eucalypts: See, the luck I’ve had/Can make a good man/Turn bad. Fuck me, the moppet is doing Morrissey. The Smiths. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. There are signs all around for R U OK day and she’s singing: see, the life I’ve had can make a good man bad. I reckon she’s onto something, it’s just too close to home so I head off for the coffee queue.

Returning from the south face I again find myself compelled by the moppet. There’s a Paul Kelly tune, something Missy Higgins must have written. Another cigarette. And then she says that this is her last song. I look at my watch. Three hours to go. I’ve got the measure of this day, no problem. And then she sings: I was looking for a job, and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now. Christ with a dildo, Morrissey again. Momentarily there is a tear running down behind my sunglasses. Am I OK? I ask myself. Fuck. Jesus Fuck. I look at a duck on the pond. I see the eels sunbaking below the surface of the water. I steel myself. Back up stairs into my cubicle, their cubicle. Forget that shit.

Headphones on, anything but Morrissey I think, it’s a kind of Ryan Adamsish afternoon so I dial him up (Do you wish it was me with the windows clear and the mannequins eyes, do they all look like mine?) and I find the point where I abandoned my document. I turn the torrent on again: transition; renewal; technology; service; growth; engagement; deregulation; surplus; market; invest; standards; demand; evidence; quality; literate; mobility; institutional; attributes; innovation; responsive; assets; strengths; emergent; immersive; outcomes; enriched; embedded; performance; teamwork; adaptable; sustainable; optimise; complexity; mobility; enthusiasm; mission; enhanced; benchmarking; amenities; solutions; strategy; explore; impact; wellbeing; dividend.

Eventually it is 4.45pm. I review my list and cross off what can legitimately crossed off. Scratching the sweat from my headphone crushed ears I pack up my shit and go. To the bar. One drink, two drinks, three drinks. What the fuck. Another one for Morrissey. Am I OK? I might have been and I might be again. Good enough. Time for that afternoon rendezvous.

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A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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1 Response to heaven knows

  1. becalbury says:

    yikes. spewing up the current policy-speek thesaurus can’t be good even for an insensitive person. perhaps a walk in the gardens rather than moppets under the trees?

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