“the ritualizing of recollection of the mutual experience of the nation’s triumph and the nation’s defeat was then supposed to help stabilise the unity and identity of the community. There are still good reasons for maintaining this view of things today. Death at the front or in a prisoner-of-war camp, death at the side of the road or in the air-raid shelter was both an individual and a shared fate; injury, deportation, and rape, hunger, privation and the desperate loneliness of individuals are representative of what many had to live through under similar circumstances –soldiers, war widows, bombed out evacuees, refugees. Suffering is always concrete suffering; it cannot be separated from its context. And it is from this context of mutual experiences of suffering that traditions are formed. Mourning and recollection secure these traditions.”

Jurgen Habermas, “A Kind of Settlement of Damages (Apologetic Tendencies)” New German Critique, No. 44, Spring/Summer 1988. p. 26


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