onward, ever onward

Now I’m back from Nepal and ensconced in the usual things the temptation is to start to dream afresh, to find a new escape tunnel. But I’m not really escaping in any meaningful sense, just looking out the window and that isn’t really substantial or weighty.

I’ve thought a lot over the last fortnight or so about the Tarkine, about the Larapinta trail, about the South West Track, about Mt Sonder, the Alpine track and so on. I have also thought about New Zealand and booking myself onto those nicely controlled walks on the south island (Milford, Tasman, Kepler, Routeburn, et al).

Dr Sternlove is planning to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2013 which is the next focus of family expenditure and planning. I would like to do the Camino too, but someone has to cover the childcare so if I do it, it will have to be separately.

I have also had a little dream about walking the entire western front from Belgium to Switzerland, following the trenches as far as is possible. I wonder if anyone has done this, I suppose someone must have.

I can probably make some plans for NSW based walks, and I reckon I’ll be back in the Budawangs come Easter but these feel like small fry, itty bitty walks. Not too different from simply going up to the Royal NP on Saturday afternoons, it is a long way from East Falkland and the dream places.

So onward I guess, onward, ever onward. Where to? No idea.


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A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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