Vale Moon Cottage

On the Budawang Sketch Map, on the far bottom left hand side, is a little brook flowing westward from the Currockbilly Ridge called Nettleton’s Creek. The creek flows under and over the Mongarlowe Road and through a little propery that was once a gold mining site. On that property was a little pinkish-orange fibro named Moon Cottage. It looked like this:

Moon Cottage from the northI had the privilege to stay at Moon Cottage on a number of occasions and loved the place. Nestled beside the mighty Budawangs on the top of a small plateau about five clicks from Mt. Currockbilly the cottage was an unpretentious but beautiful retreat let out to bushwalkers, Canberra escapees, and birdwatchers mostly.

Quite near Braidwood it was always a chilly locale but it had a sensational waterhole where two large rocks (called The Sydney Heads) blocked up Nettletons Creek. The resulting pond was a great spot for swimming and messing about with boats and kids. Though I was never lucky enough, or quiet enough, the visitors book aften recorded platypus sightings in the waterhole, as well as at various points further up the creek. The waterhole is very beautiful:

Nettleton's Creek WaterholeI was saddened to hear that the cottage burned down in October in an unexplained fire. The bush was undamaged. The lovely owners and caretakers of Moon Cottage must be heartbroken at the loss of their idyll on Nettleton’s. I certainly am, I’m gutted  that part of this special place has been damaged and that the joy it so quietly and modestly provided is lost.


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