more fun than lichen

About twenty years ago, sigh, I was kissing this girl in a pool on a hot summer night in the country and the twilight was hovering, and she says to me “you’d be a great guy if you’d lighten up.” I took her seriously. I never did lighten up, leastways not so others could see. Unless they could already see, and if you weren’t one of those I didn’t worry about you anyway. She went onto become a celebrity journalist and I had to read her in the Sunday papers every week. She was so light, she really floated away, like a fungal spore.

Hi, my name is Rustichello and I am a grump.

My daughters have recently taken to laughing at me for my negativity, my suspicious nature, and my outright hostility to all manner of things. They have learned these particular gestures of affection from Dr Sternlove, who has enjoyed a decade and a half of laughs on the basis of my inability to keep my disrespectfulness to myself. For the most part it is all true; my everyday navigations through culture and politics do involve negativity, suspicion and hostility. They often coexist simultaneously and involve some fairly unrestrained language in the application of these qualities to whatever has momentarily got my attention.

When I cast my eye across what little of the blogosphere I can see from here I know I’m not on my pat malone in this regard. There are many thousands, if not millions, of grumps out there, so I’m not unduly alarmed by my habits of mind that reveal my intolerance for bullshit and rubbish. Nevertheless having managed to not be at work for almost two months, having had a holiday from domesticity as well, and having spent a good deal of time indulging my favoured recreations I have thought that it might be useful and proper to endorse a few things, to get a little positive on their ass.

To this end I thought I might begin to point out that the bits and pieces I think are just great, the things that I adore and will argue endlessly in favour and in support of their virtue. Looking back over some of the posts in the past eighteen months I have tried to maintain some positive outlook, to celebrate the things I think worthy of celebration. But actually that has come from vanity, not wanting to look like a negative nelly, not wanting to rain on every parade that wanders by my window.

So here’s what I figure: each week one post will share something I think is just shit hot, just fantastic, more fun than lichen. This won’t actually tax my abilities because underneath this grumpy, mean, heartless, bureaucratic, sometimes callous exterior is really a fun loving, laugh out loud, engaged party dude. It’ll never look that way; of course, there’ll always be those who’ll tell me to lighten up but really I take my fun and my pleasure incredibly seriously, that’s just the way I’m made. But still, I am more fun that lichen, and I love things more than I love lichen. I’ll share more of that. Stay tuned.


About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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