secret handshakes and hateful bile

I have been reading with interest the fall out from the Marieke Hardy defamation case, and I reckon slackbastard is on the money in his post Moaron Defamation when he describes the hatefulness at work as being damn near pathological. But really the issue is straightforward, it’s misogyny. Plain, old-fashioned women hating: it’s a whole school on online criticism can be summarised as “shut up you fat bitch.” And it deserves to have the shit kicked out of it.

So out of solidarity and a silent brooding rage that’s been building for over a decade I thought I would offer my own little bit of online hate toward misogyny, especially those aspects that teaches daughters (like my own) to incorporate self loathing into their practices of self.

Last night Cameron Williams was hosting the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Sydney fireworks and Pet Shop Boys (!) on the Nine Network. And I hate him: I can’t bear the teeth, the shoulder pads, the cheesiness, the awful populism and his grin that says “World’s Most Successful Leech.” Now the Nine Network doesn’t hire television presenters on the basis of their moral weight or their intellectual gravitas but Cameron Williams for me represents the lowest of the low. He is a Gollum among men.

Here’s why: in 2001 charges of indecent assault were brought against Williams by a make up artist who alleged that he would ask her to show him her breasts and/or bra and that this got him pumped up for appearing on camera. He admitted this, but rejected many other of her allegations (which I suspect were completely true), describing the show me your tits gesture as a “like a secret handshake.” Aye, there’s the rub, misogyny is just like a gentleman’s club.

The charges against Williams were dropped despite his admissions but the shit should stick. And stay stuck, for a long, long time.  Every time I see his despicably white teeth grinning down the camera I shudder with the crudity of “show us ya tits” and remember this is a man who uses young women to indulge his masturbatory narcissism. He may as well have said “on your knees woman,” while unzipping. What a complete utter prick.

This is my contribution to hating the haters. I shan’t speak of it again.



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