KPIs don’t measure dreams

The Falklands plan fell through. Too much dosh, too much uncertainty: couldn’t do it. I have decided to go to Nepal in November, less dosh and less uncertainty. This has, and is, causing the Rustichellos some angst. I’m going high and long and I’ve not been before. I have the same concerns but, as Ricky Ponting might say, you’ve got to back yourself.

Core to my motivation is fear. Fear that if I let this opportunity pass I will be unable to not resent the success of my life for the cost of my dreams. I’ve let a few dreams go in the past, and I’ll let a few opportunities pass in the future, because I know where my heart lies and what my priorities are and they have my commitment.

The strategic plan is secure and sound. The goals and targets are reasonable and attainable. My work will not see me asking my executive assistance to place calls and my home life will not find me doing watercolours on the balcony overlooking the Cote D’Azur but both are successes. Real strong successes, a reflection of the enormous efforts made by, and for, me. The KPIs are way up there for a bloke of my age and character.

But KPIs don’t measure dreams, they make sure the core business is operating properly but their utility doesn’t for a second extend to being able to make comprehensible a dream and its (possible) realisation. There’s no measure for that. There’s no process map for dreaming a dream and enacting it. It’s a feel thing.

Annapurna here I come.

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A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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