faded nostalgia for socialist wishful thinking

It used to be that sometimes politicians and cops and doctors and teachers were trying to achieve something like love on a social scale. There was an understanding that we could take care of individuals by taking care of the whole, and that everyone in the whole was valuable and worthy of care, attention, and protection by the whole.

Nowadays it seems that love is only a non-secular goal. The only people talking about love for all these days are the churches, and they aren’t actually being inclusive when they do it. Cardinal Pell and Peter Jensen, while cherry picking those who might be saved, are at least operating on the basis that everyone deserves salvation if they come toward the light.

The secular world isn’t interested in feel good goals like love or care. It is outcomes, outcomes, outcomes! A secondary consideration might be the efficiency with which outcomes are achieved but it is very rare indeed to hear a cop, a politician or a TV set talking about love in a manner that isn’t focused on celebrity and the romantic spendfest of marriage.

 The only thing I’ve noticed on TV that even vaguely sounds like love for everyone is when the long dead Fred Hollows says “Every eye is an eye. When you are doing the surgery there, that is just as important as if you were doing eye surgery on The Prime Minister or King.” To my mind this is as close to all inclusive care as Australia gets at the moment. Seems that unless you’re the victim of a natural disaster you are only the victim of your own foibles, and probably deserve whatever ills come your way.

And as for love, well it does appear that unless your version of love ends in a heterosexual marriage and an appointment with a mortgage broker then your version of love is just some faded nostalgia for socialist wishful thinking. I can’t help but think we are worse off for this change.


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