way to go me

I’m still hitting the gym most mornings, though my weight doesn’t move too much anymore. But this morning I did manage 31.35m for my five k run and that is as close to my goal (30min/5k) as close as I’ve ever managed to get. I can see that in a few more weeks I should be where I want to be.

The time and the slowness of the body is the thing that unbalances me when, each day, I don’t run 5k in thirty minutes. I know that the cardio vascular system, the muscular system and the skeletal system don’t all adapt at the same rate. But I can run and I have done so every second day for months now.

There was a time when I thought that me running, consistently, was something that could only lead to self harm: knee injuries, ACL, hip displacement, tendonitis. They all felt just a treadmill session away but I can see (and feel) myself getting stronger, running better.

My cardio is good, nothing much holding me back there. I can shift gears when I run: I can jog, I can run, I can sprint and I can be flexible about doing them. What is really amazing is that I now have gears to shift, I have the cardiac reserve to go from hot and sweaty to completely shagged and do so in a public space without feeling like the really big guy on biggest loser.

My muscles are also good. My legs, they are steel springs (hah!) and my core is holding me up the whole way. My work with Gymdude means, still to my surprise, that I have considerable muscle power from neck to calves. But I recognise that my muscles are still adapting to the running regime, my steel springs are going to bigger and stronger the longer I can keep this going.

My knees do hurt. When I’m just jogging the warm up they attempt a small township rebellion and try to pretend they aren’t straight. The skeletal system takes ages to adapt, up to a year for a bloke of my age. My knees don’t hurt after the warm up, and then they don’t hurt until the post dinner phase of the evening. I guess this means that they aren’t duds, they just object to working so hard, and in that case they will be stronger, and so will I, eventually.

So here it is: I’m pretty fantastic, I’m on an upward trajectory. Way to go me.


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