the best coffee in the Illawarra….

…comes from Cucinas in Thirroul, on Lawrence Hargrave Drive next to the video shop.

By my estimate there are roughly one and three-quarter million shops named Cucinas in the world and most of them are pretty much the same: pasta, coffee, biscotti. And none of them are worth writing home about.

But Cucina’s in Thirroul stands out in a world now chock full of coffee and coffee shops. And given the ubiquity of coffee is it surprising how ordinary much of the coffee is, how similar to vintage 1984 Nescafe it can be and how little care is paid to what it tastes like. There’s so much emphasis on recyclable cups and speedy service in Barista world but often very little on the final outcome, on how it feels as it goes down.

But at Cucinas, especially in the early morning when you might be lucky enough to be served by the graceful Violette, the beans are first-rate and time is taken to produce simply the most sublime coffee I have found anywhere in the Illawarra. It is a worthy reason to be up before the dawn.

Cucinas also do brilliant take home curries, nice salads and lovely soups. The sandwiches are world class, again avocado is added to almost all but if you remember to ask for one without the awful green smear you won’t be disappointed.


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