I am a runner and I am my father’s son

So the preparation for the Falklands expedition continues. Some of the preparation is quite fun: the catalogues of camping equipment; the testing of purchases; the imagining of myself on the peat bog slogging forward. Some of the preparation, most notably the bit involving physical fitness, is a bit lacking in the fun department.

I am as fit as I’ve been as an adult. Noticeably svelt and with a few bulging muscles, I can take some pride in this. And I do. The running is the great leap forward for me. To run regularly and to do it without crashing to the floor has been the goal over the last four weeks and today I felt that it has been achieved, exceeded even.

Seven point two kilometres in forty five minutes on the treadmill is not going to break any records but for me it was a personal best. I’m not fast, but I don’t expect ever to be actually speedy. Competent will do perfectly, adequate is brilliant. But I only hopped off the treadmill because someone else wanted a turn. I could have done more, part of me was disappointed I didn’t get the opportunity.

So the next goal is five kilometres in thirty minutes, not much faster than I did today but somehow it is a barrier I haven’t crossed as yet. I will give it a go tomorrow morning and see what the future holds.



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A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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