The Anti-Social Network

There is a general feeling about the place that if you aren’t on Facebook you aren’t really engaging with the world. You aren’t really there, you are just a corporeal shadow of your possible Facebook self, possibly just a single step up from dead.

A recent article in The Australian interviewed Katerina Morjanoff, a social media expert, who said: “There are still people that are not on Facebook and it’s like they don’t exist.” This is in the context of pointing out that over nine million Australians are on Facebook.

Forgive me but elementary maths tell us that this means roughly eleven million people currently residing in Australia are not on Facebook and according to Morjanoff’s logic they aren’t really there.

This fills me with huge brooding rage because actually Morjanoff knows they are there but in the Facebook version of the world they don’t matter, they do not count because if they are not on Facebook they aren’t a valuable target market.

If you aren’t on Facebook you aren’t available to be marketed to as Morjanoff and her ilk would like, and if you can’t be marketed to, then communicating with you is just a waste of their time and advertising money.

I can’t put aside that there are dozens of social demographic reasons why an individual might choose not to be on Facebook. And similarly there must be many, many individuals who simply can’t be on Facebook. Does Facebook have a Pitjantjatjara translation button? How about Facebook Braille updates? What about those who live without electricity? Do all those people in Toowoomba currently sitting on their roof have full and free access to Facebook? I think not.

Facebook is not citizenship. Social media is not society. Marketing is not intimacy. Lives are lived, not accessed. And so if Facebook is the social network the rest of us must be the anti-social network.

The Anti-Social Network sounds great, maybe we should have a website so we can catch up?


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1 Response to The Anti-Social Network

  1. John Stevens says:

    Katerina Morjanoff is a moron with little to now proven results in the real world and is yet another so called social media ‘expert’. Where’s the proof this person even knows what she is talking about? What has this wanna be actually done and were is the proof apart from some lame recommendations from friends? I can see an ACA report on this schiester on the cards.

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