“political change doesn’t result in change”

It’s a killer line, from Julian Assange in interview with TIME magazine last week (that is before he’d been arrested and bailed). I think it gets right to the heart of the matter. WikiLeaks is about the failure of the state as an artifice to adequately represent, and be constituted by, its citizens.

All those cables don’t mean to much as far as I can see. Most of what those diplomatic secrets say is exactly what others have been saying in conversation and publication. The point is the refutation of abjection to the state, in the sense of self abasement.

The state is constituent of the abuse of the authority vested in it. Therefore it should the duty of citizens is to refuse the subjection of the state, any state. And WikiLeaks is an action, a practice of denied subjectivty.

The thought has crossed my mind that WikiLeaks is, in practice, an anarchists implementation of Eamon DeValera’s strategy for an independent Ireland in the early 1920s: “we shall defeat the British Empire, by ignoring it.” Subsistute “the state” for “British Empire” and that is what WikiLeaks is all about.

Political change in this equation is a nothing, a tool of the state, just a cipher. No change comes about by means of the state, nothing gets better. The state just goes on. Better simply to step away and ignore it.

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