disturbing questions of hotness

LadyRusty thinks Julian Assange is hot. Some kind of geek chic. I suppose that pale, vaguely Mark Zuckerberg-ish look might be enticing. Libertarianism often comes with promiscuity, though not always, and that has some appeal too.

Part of me suspects that Julian Assange has got laid plenty by means of his virile opposition to the state and rules in general. I don’t think I’d choose to sit next to Julian Assange on a bus, based on what you can see, but it takes all sorts to make the world go around.

The women in Sweden must have liked what they saw, at least at the beginning. But what do you say about sexual misconduct allegations when all you’ve got is ten thousand media reports and nothing even partially firsthand? It is best to say not a lot.

It is important that charges like those levelled against Assange get heard because hiding behind the chancellery of privacy is a sure fire means of keeping all those masculine misadventures behind closed doors, where they become enshrined as domestic dominance and as sanctified, untameable, desire: the centuries old rubbish of phallocentric machismo.

It may be all a set up. A conspiracy to bring down WikiLeaks and Assange, and there’s plenty who think that. I have thought that even if the Swedish matters are a crock it is entirely possible Assange has some history of sexual misconduct, some form on which a conspiracy might be based.

Whatever the details of the cases, whatever Assange’s sexual history, there needs to be separation of WikiLeaks war on the state from Sweden’s pragmatic obligation to investigate allegations of criminality. Without this distinction it is simply a conspiracy and a crusade by default. It is hard to imagine any good outcomes from this.

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  1. Monex says:

    He has been called the Robin Hood of hacking. As the founder and public..face of WikiLeaks a website that posts secret documents and information in the..public domain Julian Assange pronounced Ah-Sanj believes that total transparency is for the good of all people. But Assange who reportedly lives an itinerant existence traveling the world with a backpack and computer is himself a shadowy figure. ….Fast Facts ….Assange was reportedly born in 1971 in the city of Townsville northeastern Australia.

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