it’s a long, long road and I’m still pretty heavy

The weigh in: net loss three point three kilos. Fat loss, six point four kilos, muscle mass gain three point one kilos. The scales, like the Oracle of Delphi, spat out these details yesterday morn and it has taken me some time to digest them.

The numbers are, actually pretty damn fine and much better than I’d hoped for. Well that’s not really true, I hoped I’d see results as transformative as these but suspected that even when you’re completely disciplined and focused the numbers rarely offer rewards.

That’s because the numbers are just numbers. I am thinner. I am stronger. I am fitter. I am tougher. I am healthier. Those results are great even when the numbers fuck you over. But yesterday the numbers were witness to my labours.

The numbers when they work for you offer considerable comfort and confidence to keep going. And in terms of the long, long road to the Falklands that’s a good result.

About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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