I am a dead fish

The job is mostly about not fucking up, it is about protecting the brand. The customers aren’t being celebrated here they are being managed.

The customer is managed so that the customer never complains. It is not a practice that empowers the customers, quite the opposite: it demeans them. They are simply outcomes to be counted, measured and processed.

There is nothing good about this, nothing. It bothers me, a lot. And, of course, so do many other things but this is in my face everyday because I do it. I work at it; try to get better at it; speak for it; write documents for it; and take the money for doing so. I don’t have the discipline to go with the flow. One of my stakeholders has a sign on her door: only dead fish swim with the stream.

I am a dead fish.

But I think it is time not to be, it is time to step away from this industry, walk the professional plank and join the other fish.


About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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