autocannibalism, the hard way

So I’ve been on my regime now for about six weeks and I am fitter and stronger. I have increased my muscle mass and lost about five centimetres off my waist. I haven’t actually lost any weight now for two weeks, but the optimist in me hopes that this means I’ve replaced fat with muscle, the classic act of autocannibalism.

I’ll have another weigh in on Thursday and I’m hoping to see some better numbers. But I suspect the scales won’t move very much and the great challenge of this is not to mind very much. I do mind though, especially as I am hungry as fuck all of the time. When I’m this hungry surely there’ll be a decent payoff.

It will be difficult to keep it all flowing over the Christmas and New year period, so I will try to arrange our schedule to enable me to get to the gym at least three times each week over the break. The real question is can I make a carton last for the whole fortnight? I am pretty dubious myself.


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