long morning uphill

So Beargirl and I took ourselves off to Burning Palms last weekend, and we did allright. She did fantastically well considering she was obviously a bit overwhelmed by the sheer not urban-ness of the whole experience, by the distance (not terribly far, about five kilometres), and by the discomfort of sleeping on the beach.

I was also good value, carrying about twenty five kilograms on my back for Beargirl and myself. It was not a long haul but it certainly had its topographic sections. We took about two and half hours each way, but there were lots of stops to keep Beargirl moving. The return journey was especially uphill, though carrying less it was hard on the hips and ankles.

But I was not knackered when we got home and today I would not say that I’m stiffer than when I do a hard workout. So, you know, the Falklands here I come.


About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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