Itchy Feet for Kristina

So on the one hand I can’t possibly vote labor in the NSW March election, there is simply nothing to endorse. Except.

Except on the other hand I want to vote for Kristina Keneally. She’s got a bit of zing about her. That photo of her playing touch in this months monthly is so alive, so free.

Is that enough that NSW labor have one living, vivacious body in their ranks. Now I would have voted for Dave Campbell unproblematically for the rest of my life because actually he’s pretty decent sort of bloke and has often responded personally to my enquiries. Not something we can say about large parts of the NSW bureaucracy.

But without Dave I’ll be voting Green, well actually I’ll probably vote Socialist Alliance or whichever lefty socialist can manage to get the fantastic Jess Moore to run, and then I’ll vote green.

But Kristina is so right for Sydney, maybe she could be Lord Mayor?


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