a long hard look at myself…

And it wasn’t too bad, I did a fitness test yesterday and it wasn’t catastrophic. I believe my friendly Gymdude, who administered the test, used the words: “reasonable level of fitness.” I could have kissed his pecs at that point.And when we did the weigh in, it was a long way from the biggest loser.

At 105kg and 24.5% body fat I was comfortably in the upper band of healthy. I was stoked, believe me, because I had thought it would be something along the lines of “mate, how are you still alive?”Thankfully he thought I could lose eight to ten kgs but really the goal was to get more value out of the muscle I am already carrying. A strategy I endorsed heartily!

I ran, which I hate and did three ks in seventeen and half minutes, puffing and snorting all the way. Then I did a kilometre on the rower, and then a whole bunch of weights and stuff. I kinda lost interest by that stage. By the time he said “one hundred crunches” it was all I could do to repeat my little mantra: I will go to the Falklands; I will go to Patagonia; I will walk my arse off.

It will hurt, I know it, the before and the after. But for the present my abs are as sore as can be but the rest of me is ready for more tomorrow.



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