Loving Mick Taylor

I watched Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones at the weekend and it is by some distance the best in concert film I’ve watched the Stones, though obviously it doesn’t have the frisson of Altamont. It is about seven hundred times better than those concert extravaganza dvd’s, I think I saw one filmed in Spain, Barcelona maybe? Anyway and I think there was Still Life from the Tattoo You tour and another one, possibly the Steel Wheels tour, maybe. What I really loved was watching Mick Taylor play, we see a lot of him in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones mostly because he stands a bit behind and to the right of Jagger. But this is the most I’ve ever seen of him, you never see him at all in Stones in the Park nor in Gimme Shelter.

And you can see why MickanKeef hired him, what a glorious player just fabulous. The gentle roll of “Gimme Shelter,” the humming licks from “Bitch,” the unstoppability of “All Down the Line.” All just reaching some sublime point that gets close to joy and then awe.

That’s what Mick Taylor gives me when I watched this, a real, unabashed sense of awe and that it is entirely fitting that I do so.


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