julia and tony

Yes the election, it is all pretty soporific. Abbott is unelectable, half of his team don’t like him and the other half just hope he might land one winning punch. Gillard looks bad, says scripted things with eyebrows that scream “ I am reading from the script.” She’s on message but goddamn it is dull. And probably the disinterest is not really about anything, no-one has anything invested in either of them. Neither of them are reaching for the stars, in fact I think it some ways this election is the electorate acknowledging that the Commonwealth has legislated away its own capacity to reach for the stars. All that is left is tax dollars and the pie cutting exercise, none of which is cinematic nor something that can be turned magically into something like hope, grace, poise, belief, or faith. The high point for me was last week when the news cycle found Julia saying that school uniforms build character and Tony says that we needed to take care of old people. Jesus Motherfucking Christ! Policy, pahh@! I expect Julia will be re-elected, with a reduced majority but really disinterest favours the incumbent and looking around no-one seems to mind very much. There is no “le roi est morte, viva le roi” here.


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