buy the ticket, take the ride

Another good little album that tickled my fancy recently was The Black Ryder’s Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride. It is considerably weirder than InnerSpeaker and much less aimed at building a consistent tone through out the work, more toward the construction of a sense of dark space.

As the title suggests it is about a journey into something, and the key utility is the echo/reverb saturating the production. The distance and expanse that result offer a warmth, a kind of long armed embrace into which the listener is compelled to reach out and follow. The guitars have a kind of pied piper quality, ting-ting-ting like a tin whistle, and when combined with lovely understated and largely unsung vocals there results a crafted gentleness that is almost uterine in wrap-around weightlessness and mystery. I saw them play support to the Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Metro and in a heaving crowd I didn’t see much to appeal but shaped by quiet and reflected by darkness the music grows and breathes with considerable vigour. It is not beer barn music. For a Sydney band they have an undeniable Melbourne feel.

Like InnerSpeaker, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride is not really worried about songs and more about the sound, the textures offered by an hour of sound. There’s a bit of Cure, a touch of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a whack of Jesus and Mary Chain and a little leavening of Nico. There is nothing particularly new, but it is awfully well done and artfully put together.


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