I’ve listened a fair bit to Tame Impala’s album and I can recommend it. It is a curious mixture of Revolver era Beatles, the dirty mixing of the Velvets, the thunderously overstated bass and drums of Led Zep and the nonsensical spaceyness of Meddle era Pink Floyd.

There’s a lot to like about InnerSpeaker, with its roving ear gathering sounds from throughout the late sixties. At times it resembles an Emerson Lake and Palmer  or Rick Wakeman LP side: the prog rock sounds with varying degrees of popiness merging with each other to build a Spectoresque wall of hum and fuzz.

While there aren’t songs of such particular aural quality that you think about the quality of the songs there is such a precision of production that one comes to admire the lush palette of tones making up the fifty five minutes or so.

In some respects this is an album exactly right for a world in which it has become increasingly difficult to market albums or singles as items intrinsic to themselves but ever easier to market a band and its tunes in terms of their connection to other sounds. It’s genre innit?


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