world of rustichello

The world of Rustichello (me) is dominated by life at the Villa Rustichello and by work in the tower of Sauron. The two connect significantly. My beloved companion, LadyRusty, is another of Sauron’s minions (though, of a different order and function) at a not small but not large regional University and is not treated respectfully. This has had some costs. Our family {Me, LadyRusty, Sputnik (11), Beargirl (9), and The Chook (5)} has not always been well served by our service to Sauron.

Sauron steals time. Daytime, nighttime, all the time. He, it, they steal it at every opportunity. Over recent months the girls have begun to resent this long time practice of theft and bemoan the opportunity costs they are forced to pay.

For the most part this isn’t aimed at me, as Rustichello I don’t go far or much. I am the default parent in most everyday circumstances. I am here now with food on the stove and laundry dry and folded. What Sauron asks of me is jimmy rigged into twenty five hours a week. But LadyRusty has greater demands and expectations thrust upon her and these take time. And so the girls resentment drifts from the legitimate distaste for Sauron to a petty nick picking whine toward LadyRusty –who, of course, cries at such an unjust addition to her guilts and embarassments.

Sputnik is the most articulate of the whining, Beargirl the most adamant and groteseque and The Chook the most desperate. But they aren’t wrong, the job can suck the life out of everything if we let it.


About rustichello

A rather too quiet fellow of little reknown.
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